Question about indents

Is there a quick way to indent certain lines of text and keep it consistent through out the text?

I writing an essay and I want to indent certain lines of text but not others. However, when I use the tab key it messes up the formatting/spacing on export. Is there a way I can highlight the text a automatically indent it via a keystroke or have a set point on the ruler?

There isn’t a good automatic way of doing this yet. There are two features planned that will make this easier in the future:

  • Formatting presets: a way of saving attributes of your text into a “macro” that can be applied to other texts later. So you’ll be able to use a pull-down menu in the format bar to choose “Block quote” or what have you.
  • Indenting tools that handle the creation of first-line; block; hanging; and total increment adjustment.

Tabs aren’t the best tool for indentation as you note. Those are better for inputting tabular data into columns. You want to use the Ruler to adjust the first and block left indent settings for this sort of thing.

These options are in the Mac version…The leftmost button in the format bar, with the paragraph symbol and the “a”, shows the formatting presets; you can access them also via Format > Formatting.

Quick indent options are under Format > Text > Indents and you can apply additional shortcuts to these via the Keyboard pane of System Preferences. (A few of these are actually available on Windows as well, but there’s no menu option yet to make them visible–Ctrl+T will indent the first line and Ctrl+Q will indent the rest for an overhang; adding Shift to the combo decreases the indent.)

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Yup, everything I put in the first post is already in the software.