Question about installing Scrivener

In 2014, I bought a copy of Scrivener and have been using it regularly since then. I recently got a new computer and have to install it. I was wondering which version of the software do I qualify for? Which one should I download? Also, does anyone have a link to where the older versions of Scrivener are downloaded from?


The current release of Scrivener for Windows is still in the 1.x line, and your license will cover the latest version.

Note you probably won’t be able to validate your license in older versions; the latest version was released because the company they contracted with to handle license validation shut down, and they had to replace it with a new service.

To add to Rdale’s info -

Download the latest Windows Scrivener version from here:

If you have any challenges validating your license, first try the suggestions on this page: If you still can’t get it validated, there’s a URL on that page under ‘drop us a line’ - use that to contact L&L Sales support, as they won’t be able to assist with licensing issues on this forum, due to privacy concerns.


Thanks for the help! It worked! :smiley: