question about known file size limits (and output limits)

okay, not sure if this has come up before regarding the most current release, but i’m moving over reams of documents in kazillions of word files for a large training manual…eventually it will also include images and so on (references for insertion within the final version…

are there any known issues regarding very large files (e.g. in excess of 600-800 pages of word docs plus images etc - speed, performance or other?

also, in terms of output, if there are no issues with scriv handling this kind of file size, do you think such an output would blow up word on a mac, or pages? any suggestions for a word processor for final handling and editing/insertions/layout?

As far as Scrivener is concerned, there should be no issues. File size is only limited by your hard drive. And because .scriv files are really only folders containing RTFD and other files, when you open a Scrivener project, all that gets loaded is whatever you are viewing at any one time. Well, actually, that is not technically true. For searching, Scrivener keeps a plain-text (well, XML) file full of your text and it does load that, but thousands and thousands of words in plain text take up very little memory of a modern computer.

So, there are no known issues - but if you encounter any, be sure to let me know and I’ll do my best to work it out.

Actually, I should qualify this even further: there were some recent reports of projects slowing down on occasions, and I have yet to get to the bottom of this. It does not seem to be related to length or file size, however, as I have tested some very large files (large than the ones reported). There seem to be some other factors at play (possibly other applications interfering).

As for Word… Well, that is not great at handling large files on the Mac, unfortunately. I would recommend Nisus or Mellel anyday over Word or Pages, but it depends on your layout needs. Nisus Writer Pro might be the answer, though, which I believe is out soon.

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Just in case this helps: I once had a fairly dramatic slowing down problem on Ulysses, with a project getting up around 100,000 words, and I was told by the developers that it might have to do with the default font I had chosen. Some apparently use up more energy than others.

At any rate, I went back to their preferred default, which was Lucinda Grande, and I had no further issues.

I hope it’s not the case in Scrivener, actually, because I much prefer working in Optima.

…i’ll let you know if i encounter any unusual issues or speed effects…

I have problems with things slowing down over +75k words in Ulysses. That is one of the reasons why I abandoned using it for large projects. For small projects it was quite nice though. I hear you though, I would hate to have to write in Lucida Grande all of the time. I would be surprised if you run into anything like that. The only large scale thing that Scrivener holds in memory is a plain text version of your draft, for searching purposes. So font is irrelevant there. Since Scrivener makes it so simple to cut, merge, and dynamically edit multiple documents – it should be all right. With Ulysses I tended to have much larger documents than I do in Scrivener, for a variety of reasons.

I’ve been working on a 150,000+ word project in Scrivener and have had no performance issues at all, even on my old 800mHz iBook. Even hitting Edit Scrivenings on the entire draft only takes a few seconds to load up.

That has been my experience with Scrivener. The only real slowdowns are when editing the entire Draft or very large portions of it. Fortunately, that rarely happens; in fact, I cannot think of a single time that I’ve done it out of some real need. The only times have been to test the theory. :slight_smile: