Question about License

I have licensed copies of Scrivener 3 for Windows installed on the computers I use for writing. I’m collaborating with my father to help him write down his memoirs (he’s 89…). It would be very helpful if I could install a copy of Scrivener on the Windows laptop he’s using for his input. Would this require a second license?

If your father lives in the same household as you, then you can share your licence with him. If he lives in a different household, then he needs a separate licence of his own. You can read more about our household licence in an article in our Knowledge Base.

What are the policies for transfer of a license? In other words, if I purchase a second license for him (he is in a different household), would it be possible once he is finished using it to transfer it to another family member (after uninstalling all copies in his household, of course)?

I’m sorry, but our licences are not transferable. You can find our end-user licence agreements here.

My situation is similar except I am the only user of Scrivener on two Windows 10 computers in my own home at the same physical location. I have both configured to save to the same thumb drive, but each backs up to its own local drive. (Safety first without the Cloud!) My license reverted to Trial the other day and suggested I may be blacklisted. It has done it twice more since. It doesn’t sound like I have to keep re-entering the license number or deactivating one version in order to switch computers as the Scrivener help message cheerfully suggests. Can you help?