Question about licenses and license use


I’m about to buy a license and I’m not sure what’s allowed under its terms.

For example, I use multiple machines during the day, and sometimes to Scrivener work on each of them. The main two are a Win 10 machine and a Linux Mint box. The betas worked great on each and so did my workflow. (The data files were shared, and since I’m the only Scrivener user, only one was “in use” at a time, though I likely didn’t close one before moving to the other.)

So my workflow is established. Now I’m about to buy a license for the released product. Can I use that one license for Scrivener on both machines? (The model is TurboTax, which lets you install in several machines in the same household.)

Or do I need two licenses because two machines?

Again, I’m the only user and there’s only one of me, so no one’s taking advantage.



It’s a household license so you’d be covered for multiple machines even if you become more than one of you.

A summary and individual EULAs are here: … -agreement

Good to know, and good information. Thanks, SC.

(FYI, I do plan to be more of me, but we’re having trouble with the licensing agreement. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


I just got this today. I re-activated with my license key just like you then upgraded to 3.0.1. Will keep an eye out to see if it happens again.