Question about meta-data. Help needed!

Hello All,

I have completed several large projects using Scrivener (Windows platform). Usually, when I change the meta-data of individual chapters (label), then that chapter title in the Binder changes to the colour I have selected.

In my current project, the colour of the chapter in the Binder does not change with the label, no matter what I do. It’s not a serious issue, just a bit irritating.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.

** Additional info. I now can’t get the Label meta-data tag to have any effect on the chapter names in the Binder on ANY new Scrivener project. Older projects still work as they should, it’s just new ones. Is anyone else seeing this? Thanks.


Good point. From the manual, "Labels, having an associated colour, can also be used to visibly tint various interface elements, such as binder or outliner rows or even the entire indexcard “paper”.

And that’s precisely what it’s not doing. Changing the label setting changes nothing at all. It always used to. Puzzled.

Hello Baggy,
Found it. The top menu View/ Use Label Colours In… and then choose your selection. Must have reset when we updated program. Sorted now. Binder looking as it should.

Oh you clever thing! It’s blinkin’ obvious when you see it. Everything back to normal, thank you very much.