Question about page counts

Hello! I just started using Scrivener, and I’m enjoying it very much. The first snafu I’ve come across - how do I tell how many pages I have in a section? And is there a way to get a page count of the entire novel, as well as the entire word count? I’m sure it’s easy - I just can’t find it. =)

Hello there. Welcome to scrivener and to the motley crew of 'nere-do-wells (nearly all of of which are alternate personalities of one vic-k (the crew of 'nere-do-wells, everyone else here is normal (except maybe wock and me and pink and molly’s mum and matt and … this list is getting long))).

As you may have noticed I am not all that much help in general (look over there -->). But i will give you one hint in particular. There has been an actual loaded boats worth of discussion on page counts and how they fit (or don’t fit) into the philosophy behind Scrivener. I took the liberty of running a quick search form the search box up there ^. You can see the results here.

As to the word count, that is in one of the menus. Look for “project statistics”.

Like I said, I am not all that much help. Someone better will come along shortly though.

Project Statistics will do page count as well (the specifics of how it does this can be tweaked in the options tab), and as you might notice in the second section of that panel there is also a “Selection” section (that just rolls off the tongue nicely). Select sections of your book in the Binder, and it will count them individually for you. Make sure the sub-documents checkbox is on if you have a lot of outline depth that you wish to count as well.