Question about Paperback Compile

I checked the manual for this, but couldn’t find the answer:

I’m testing the Compile to Paperback option and I’m noticing that the way the math is configured for this is that the first page, the Title Page, formats to have a larger margin on the right side, along with the first page of the actual text, Chapter One in my case. But wouldn’t it make more sense to default this setting to have the first page, Title Page, have the larger margin on the left side?

Unless I’m looking at this wrong, the first page should be displayed on the right side of an open book and hence have the larger, binding margin on the left side of said page.

Also, I have not found a way to override this in the settings. Though I can force the realignment to happen by exporting to MS Word, and then inserting a page break / blank page in front of everything, a straight pdf or print out from Scrivener using this setting seems to give the wrong page alignment for a paperback style output.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong here.


Hmm, no, the “paperback novel” settings should be set up to have the margin wider on the left side for the title page, because, as you say, that would be on the right side of the book - provided the title page is the first page. Could you perhaps give more information about what you are doing, because if you have it so that the title page is first, then the wider margin should definitely be the left…


Well, it never fails, after I write the post here, I figure out the fix :open_mouth:

The compile was doing what I described, but it was some sort of fluke—either on my part or the software’s. I fixed it by going into page settings and playing around with the margins—flipping the left and right margins—then doing a compile, then resetting the page margin settings and doing another compile. Somewhere in there I also, clicked and un-clicked the ‘facing pages’ option.

So, now it compiles with the proper setting and look, even though technically the settings are the same as they were before. I swear! :blush:

There’s actually special code built in to ensure that things work in the opposite way for every nth user of any random feature. That’s my excuse anyway. That, and gremlins. :slight_smile:

Glad it’s working now at least!

:smiley: Thanks for your replies and help as always, KB!

Don’t forget the piece of code that detects when you use certain key words on the forum. It fixes your copy as soon as you do that.