Question about quantity of text pages in one notebook

I have a poetry notebook, and I create a new “text” for each poem. I write a poem every day, so this file has over 450 text pages in it. Is there a limit? Do I need to start a new notebook at the beginning of each year?
Thank you for responding.

It shouldn’t be a problem.
No limit other than your computer’s.
(That’s a lot of poems :wink: )

Great news. Thank you, Vincent.

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Text only projects are very small compared to graphic heaving projects. I have a Writing Tips project to help me learn and its size is 379 mb and opens easily.
My current book I am editing is 124,000 words and the whole project is 190 mb and functions fine. Click on properties of the poetry project folder to see its size, but should never be an issue. If want to can create folders for each year’s poems, but wouldn’t worry. Good Luck.