Question about Quick Reference windows

I run Scrivener on OSX (Lion), and often have several different projects open at once, flipping between one to the other. If I have quick reference panels open in one Scrivener project, I find that when I switch to another project, the reference panels appear on that - and all other open projects - as well. Is there any way to lock a quick reference window to a specific project, so that it doesn’t automatically appear floating over the top of other open projects?


On OS X, windows can either “float”, in which case they appear above all other windows in the project, or they can be normal, in which case they disappear beneath the most recently clicked-on window; there’s no way to have windows that float in one project but not over others, as it’s project wide. However, you can turn the floating behaviour of QR windows on or off per-project, via Window > Float QuickReference Panels. (Hmm, now that I think about it, I wonder if there’s a way of turning that on or off in code depending on the active project.)

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