question about quotes

I got scrivener a while ago and I’m using it to compile my second novel. The publisher’s deadline is coming up and I found I switched back to working in pages, because I could not get around a simple issue which just got annoying if you’re using a lot of dialogue. Now, however I want to get it all back in Scrivener to get better overview of what I am doing and solve the issue.

Whenever I start a quote for a dialogue (so using the button between ; and ), scrivener gives me, the first time I press it:

‚ instead of this one: ’

so more like a comma than a quote, really.

The second time I press it, it’s okay.

In pages, this does not happen. Is there a way to turn this off in scrivener?

I hope I’m expressing myself clearly. Please help me out! Also, needless to say, besides this, I find the software amazing.

Make sure that smart quotes are set up properly for the region you are writing for. This is a global Mac setting, not specific to Scrivener, and it can be found in the Language & Text system preferences panel, under the “Text” tab. There are two settings for double and single smart quotes. Some typographic conventions do start off a quotation with the quote mark on the baseline, rather than above the text.

It seems you are right that for whatever reason, Apple doesn’t use their own typography settings for Pages.

Solved, thanks alot!