Question about quotes

I’m not sure if you call the quotes but I mean these dialog symbols: ’ and ’
In my original rtf text file I use them around a dialogue, but after pulling the file into Scrivener, they are gone. Is there a way to keep them intact while importing? It would be a lot of work to put them back in my whole document.


Try selecting the entire document and changing the font. I’ve heard of this happening with some weird Word files but I don’t know why as no one has every got back to me! If changing the font doesn’t work, send me a sample .doc (or whatever) file that when imported into Scrivener loses it’s quote marks so that I can check it (support AT literatureandlatte DOT com).

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Hi Keith,
I fixed the problem. I did first change the fonts but that didn’t make a difference. After that I started to make a sample page with only dialgue for you and saved that page. However before sending it to you I decided to check it one more time in Scrivener and so I pulled it into the draft folder and saw till my suprise that all the quotes were in tact! This gave me the idea to open my original rtf document and just sdaved it immediatly without making a change. After pulling that document into Scrivener, all the quotes were still there, so just saving the original fixes it for some reason.

Thanks fro the quick respons.

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I wonder if “Typographers Quotes” being active in the SCR prefs and odd font behavior from Word are are causing a “perfect storm”…