Question about Scrivener 3 and 1

My question is that the mac version has backgrounds that you can write on top of. I heard that the windows version was supposed to be getting the same but now with Scrivener 3 on the way. I want to know if this is ever going to happen with V1 or if windows users are getting it in V3?

L&L has not given us a list of what (if any) fixes will be backported to Scrivener v1, but generally, it’s best to assume that only fixes for existing severe bugs and no new features will be backported. New stuff will be in v3, generally.

Are you maybe talking about composition mode? I think that was available for version 1 for Windows. It might have been called “Full Screen” mode, before Apple co-opted that term for a different OS feature. You might look into that in the interactive tutorial or the manual (under Help).

In Scrivener 1 for Windows, you find it in view > Full screen mode (F11).
You can customise the background just below :