question about security/internet connection

Because of the personal nature of what I am organizing on my Scrivener program, I want to know if my Scrivener program (the most recent one I purchased a few days ago) is constantly (or at all) connected to the internet. Also, I have sensitive files from work that I’d like to organize on Scrivener, but I don’t know if it’s a reasonably secure place to do it. That’s why I don’t use Word for that stuff, or anything connected to a “cloud” of any kind.

Appreciate any answers to the question/or suggestions, QuillnInk :slight_smile:

When you register your installation, the software performs an online activation, contacting eSellerate’s servers to activate your licence. However, this process does not involve your data – it is purely a licence activation exercise.

Your work is stored in the location that you specify when you create each project, and Scrivener’s automatic backups are stored in a location that you can control via the Backup pane under Tools > Options… . If those locations are on your hard disk, then (from Scrivener’s end of things) your data will never leave your machine. As long as your machine is secure, then your Scrivener projects will be secure too.

Of course, if you use external syncing services or remote backup services, then that is a different matter, but those are separate to Scrivener so you would need to set up such remote storage yourself. Scrivener itself does not store your material online or transmit it to the cloud unless you specifically direct it to (by specifying a remote file path for storage, or a file path that is monitored by an external service).

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Thanks–I will be careful. :slight_smile: