Question about special characters


I’m testing the Beta 0.2.3 and the question I have won’t probably interest nobody except me…
In french novels (I’m a french writer), the usual way to introduce a dialog is a “tiret cadratin” (—) followed by a “espace insécable” ( )
(Sorry, I don’t know the equivalent in English).

Exemple :

— Hello Joe, what are you doing today ?
— Nothing. Just writing an email…

I found the “tiret cadratin” in the list of special characters, but not the other one. And my question is : is it possible to link a special character to a key (F2, F3, whatever) ? Just to avoid to have to enter in the list of special characters each time we want to open a dialog.

Well, my question is a bit specific.
Thanks +

Update : I found the “espace insécable”. My mistake.