Question about split screen

My main purpose on this Forum is to ask basic, stupid questions, so the rest of you can take a break now and then from your more intellectually hi-tech labors and just relax reading my mundane questions. Just remember, you have me to thank for this. Now here’s what I need to know.

I was going down from Folder to Folder just to see what’s inside and I found one that’s got the dual-colored backgrounds like the “Draft” does when it shows what’s in all the Folders in it. I’m wondering…how’d I get two colored backgrounds in there? Could it be the result of my splitting the screen while working on that Folder at one time?

If you mean the two-coloured backgrounds behind the text (normally grey and white), then that means you are in Edit Scrivenings mode (which just means that it’s showing all the text documents in that folder combined). Normally you change into this mode by clicking on “Edit Scrivenings” in the toolbar, but you may have turned it on in the Navigation section of the Preferences so that folders open in E.S. mode automatically.

What I don’t understand about it is that I only have one text document in each Folder. So why does it show more than one text document in any Folder except for Draft, which is made to show all text docs in every Folder? Would that have anything to do with splitting the screen in some of those Folders?

Folders themselves can contain text, just like documents can.

So you are probably seeing the text of the folder, and the text of the sub-document underneath.

Could it be that you accidentally set a background color for that section? Think inadvertent keystroke while focus was elsewhere.

Might you had inadvertently set the section to a footnote or annotation?

Just a couple of possibilities. More than likely it is as KB/matt suggest, an edit scriv view of a folder.