Question about the auto complete option

I was wondering if there is a way to let the auto complete panel popup during writing without me to use the shortcut keys to bring it up. I was thinkg about putting my own words to a complete list that pops up with the closest match while typing and only needs me to hit the return key to complete that word. Is this already in Scrivener?

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You can’t do that at the moment but this will be in the next (free) update. I find it annoying myself having that pop up for every single word you write, mind!

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Hi Keith,
I was thinking about using this only for words that are longer then for example 4 characters, something that you would be able to set your self.

This is something that the word processor Atlantis on the pc is using, I wrote 2 novels in Atlantis and it is actually very nice to use and speeds up the writing process. It’s called Powertype, here is some info about it: … tour_2.htm

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Usually for features such as this 3rd party Applications are probably the best choice at hand since they are specifically designed for that task and can be used in tandem with other choices in 3rd party applications to create a very custom interface for a particular user style.

Have one application that does everything tends to make one big application that does a million things only mediocre instead of having a specific application that does a particular task exceptionally.

This “type it for me” feature I would find very annoying because I would spend more time selecting words from a long list instead of actually putting words on paper. But our styles are different and that is the beauty of the tools we use. We can customize certain aspects with the use of hardware and software to work in many methods of workflow.

But in the end this extra feature I would suggest be done with 3rd party applications since they would be specifically designed for that purpose they will probably do it much better.

If that makes any sense?

It’s not easy to use the other program only for this next to Scrivener, because that program (Atlantis) is a windows only program. And because Scrivener already has this option, I thought it would be easy to make the pop-up window automatically instead of only doing this after pressing a key combination. I am so used to this feature that I used during the writing of my 2 first books, that I really miss it now in any other WP. Maybe an option in Scrivener could be a choice that I can make for this function to work by turning it on in the preferences?


I think what Wock means is to use a third-party app that works inside Scrivener, such as TypeIt4Me, Typinator or Textexpander.

You mean like a plug in? Are there programs with this option that work within Scrivener?

No, I mean like a third-party app. I linked to every single one of the apps I named, and to the best of my knowledge they will all work within Scrivener. Try clicking the links.

Or you could use the free Textpander, which works just fine for me.

I had a look at textexpander but don’t think it’s something for me, looks to complex even to get it started. I will wait for the update as Keith said.