Question about the Free Trial


I’ve just downloaded the Free 30 Day Trial and am impressed so far. My question is can I use this free trial on a second computer or is that only available when you purchase Scrivener? If it is available how do I do it? The only info I can see says to use the registration information and instructions sent in the invoice As this is a Free trial I haven’t had an invoice. I can only get on this computer at the weekends so was really hoping to use Scrivener on my laptop as well Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Just download and install Scrivener on the second computer, as you did the first, and it will run in trial mode. If you decide to purchase, you can register both with the same licence, provided they’re both your own computers.

Thanks very much! :smiley:

I have a small question–though it may have been posed and answered some where else within the forum. If so, post a link, please! Otherwise, my question: how do I find out how many days I have left on the trial? If it’s possible to know.
Thanks so much! BTW I do love the program!

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the trial! Each time you launch the program, the trial message will tell you how many days you have remaining out of your 30.

Thanks for answering MM; however, on the trial I’ve got, doesn’t seem to show an amount. I get the pop-up announcing that this trial version and 29 days. Is that it? I’m sorry if I come across a little dense-- :unamused:

That’s it. The “29 days” will count down as you use it, so tomorrow it will be “28 days remaining” and so on.

… unless you close Scrivener today and don’t open it for a week. If you open Scrivener after a number of days of not using it, it’ll say 28 days remaining, because so long as Scrivener isn’t running, the remaining days don’t count down. I think the cut-off is midnight, local time (when the calendar officially flips to the next day).

Nifty, eh?

I have one computer. I downloaded the free trial and at no stage was I required to give an email address so no serial number or name. went through the process several times. Messaged as well. Leonie