Question about timing of updates to the Beta

Hi. I may have missed something along the way, but I’m trying to keep up with the beta/release candidate updates, My challenge is the timing of the updates vis a vis the expiration date of the previous version. For example, the latest version (RC was released on Sept 14th. The previous version expired on Sept. 15th. Since I did not open Scrivener on the 14th, I did not have the option to install the update from within the the application itself. Okay, not the end of the world. I went to the L&L site, downloaded the latest version, but then I had a choice to make: uninstall the previous version BEFORE installing the latest (like the beta post says) OR just install the new version over the top of the old one? In the past, I’ve uninstalled the previous version, only to have all my custom settings and even an entire project deleted. It’s a total start over at that point.

(Note to the rabid, self-appointed police who will no doubt suggest that I stop whining because it’s beta software and don’t you know the programmers are working as hard as they can and we didn’t promise any release date, blah, blah, blah…save your dragon breath, please. I no longer have any expectations of a so-called “final” version of this software. What I am interested in is trying to actually use the beta software for real work, which so many of you have stated over and over again with increasing vitriol that we all should happily be doing. However, to do so, I think it might be nice if there were something like maybe a week’s delay between the release of the next version and the cut off of the previous, OR…wait for it…upon launching the software after the expiration date, automatically offer to download/upgrade the software, rather than not open the software at all (which incidentally eliminates the possibility of saving your work or settings before upgrading to the next version, as suggested in the beta post). Just a thought.

And since I’m guessing the attack dogs will not be able to help themselves, you may now have at me for my audacity to question anything about anything related to L&L.

Backing up your settings before installing a new version is never a bad idea.

Simply replacing Scrivener should not damage your project, which is stored separately. If it does, that’s a bug and should be reported. That said, making an extra backup before any update is always good practice.


I would recommend setting a calendar reminder for the day before each beta’s expiration, to remind you to go open Scrivener and (a) backup your current settings so you have them handy if you need to re-install from scratch AND (b) update. Even if you always catch the update from within Scrivener betas, there are sometimes weird issues that pop up that require you to uninstall and re-install completely, so having a semi-recent backup of your settings is not a bad thing.

Wait— What? Settings can be saved? I don’t have to reinvent the wheel after each time I uninstall before updating? (I only did this once, moving from RC9 to RC10, and I already hate it because I had to—and probably still am—resetting all my customized options.)

That would have been great to know before I deleted the most recent “previous” version! Does this backup all settings (basically everything I set up in the options?)

On a related topic, after I uninstalled RC9—before updating to RC10 earlier this week—Windows 10 “add or remove programs” still shows all the other previous versions I didn’t uninstall in the past. Anyone know how to get rid of those? Because now that I uninstalled RC9, it won’t let me remove these earlier versions it can no longer find. (I have rebooted after uninstalling, if that’s what you’re thinking… Also, I’ve no interest in monkeying with the registry if it can be avoided.)

Katherine, thank you for the helpful guidance about backing up the settings. I didn’t know that was possible, nor do I know how to do it at the moment, but I suppose I can figure it out.

If the cycle of monthly updates to the beta is to continue into the future (and I know no one really knows, so let’s assume for a moment that they will), then I think it might not be too difficult to simply incorporate the same code that is already present in the “update” functionality within the application into the process that produces the pop up window letting us know our current version has expired - the option to update could be a button right there. Yes, there might be an issue crop up, so backing up is still key. BUT…it would be a very nice and helpful move to those of us attempting to use this beta software for our actual production work.

I couldn’t find a comprehensive article on all of the various things you can export from Scrivener to preserve settings before uninstalling, but this article should be helpful. You’ll have to mentally adjust a few things since this is a Mac-centric article, but it should be easy enough to follow: … references

I can think of at least one other thing that could be lost on an uninstall: saved compile presets that are available to all projects (as opposed to project-specific custom compile setups, which are stored in each project). You’ll want to visit the compile window, select each compile preset from under “My Formats” in the left pane (if you have any), and use the gear icon on the bottom to get to the export function. Obviously, if you’ve never created compile formats and saved them as “My formats”, you won’t have to do this step.

So… File / Options (The default is now Ctrl+[comma]; it used to be F12, which I changed it back to). Bottom right of the dialog, is a “manage” button. Click that. This will save your color settings, as well as some other stuff. It really should save anything you set in the Options menu that’s not the default. After looking over the file saved, it seems to be doing just that (though i could be incorrect about that).

In Window / Layouts / Manage Layouts, you can save your favorite layout. Import, Export,
In Window / Themes / Manage Themes, you can save your themes (this essentially duplicates the ability in File / Options / Manager, but only relates to themes).

You can save your compile profiles, one at a time, in the Compile dialog (press the “Alt” key in the Compile screen; the “compile” button should change to “save”).

Not sure there’s anything else where settings can be saved.