Question about Typinator

Typinator is a great program, but is there one a little less expensive?

TextExpander (

Typinator’s ( initial cost is a tad cheaper but they have a two-year update policy. In the sense, any updates for the next two years are free. TextExpander gives you minor updates free and they charge for major version upgrades.

This kind of program is very useful and the cost of the program gets recouped really quickly. Maybe, the better question to ask is which are you more comfortable with. Typinator is an application and TextExpander, a preference pane.

Try both of them out. Pick one. You won’t regret it.

Another thing that might be important you is the license agreement. Typinator’s license is for one computer so I believe that if you have more than one user on that computer they can all use Typinator.
I’m about to test this as my wife wants to try it on the MacBook.

As I recall (and I could be wrong) the TextExpander license agreement allows you to use it on more than one computer as long as only one copy is being used at a time.

TypeIt4Me gave me some trouble because it was sometimes too slow doing the expansions.

I’m now using Tpyinator and trying to set it up so I’ll have Scrivener-type auto-capitalilzation in all my other programs. It works fine with auto-caps after (.) (?) & (!) but I’m having trouble with doing an auto-capitalization after a leading quotation mark. It capitalizes the letter but changes the curly quote as in Times New Roman and changes it to a " mark. Still working on it but the developer is very responsive and seems keenly interested in solving the problem.

I guess I’m only going to all this trouble because Scrivener does this so well, I’ve gotten totally spoiled and want the same functionality everywhere.

Oh, I meant to include this url for a pretty fair comparison of features of the three main expansion programs. I haven’t checked it carefully to see if it is up-to-date but it’s a place to start your decision making process.

Thanks so much for all your responses. I know that Typinator charges a “little” less if you want to use it on two computers, but it doesn’t do what Scrivener does, which lets you use One License for two computers. So I think the cost of Typinator is $19.99 and $34.99 for two licenses.

I’ve never liked auto-Caps because if I ‘don’t’ want a word capitalized and it auto does it…it’s a real pain to go backwards and try to un-capitalize it. I think I’d have that part turned off.

Thanks for all the LINKS and for telling me about that sale going on now. I’ll come back when I’ve looked at all the links and made a decision and maybe tried them all out. If anyone still wants to give an opinion, please do! And thanks again!

indro, what is the difference between an application and a preference pane?

indro, what is the difference between an application and a preference pane?

TextExpander is installed as a preference pane. Which means that you have to go to system preferences, click on TextExpander and customize it. It always loads in memory when you power on your computer and its functionality is always available to you.
Typinator is an application. You might choose to add it to your login items so that it always launches when you power on your computer. If you have added it to the login items, in the process of booting, the application launches and its functionality is always available to you. You might however, not want to launch it all the time. Since this is an application, you have that luxury. You might launch Typinator only when you are doing some writing. Not launch it when you are playing games. Being an application, you have that option.

TextExpander gets across this choice limitation by giving you a preference of expanding abbreviations

  1. in all applications, or
  2. all applications except the applications you specifically list as beyond TextExpanders reach, or
  3. only a specific list of applications.

I don’t think it really matters in this instance. It is just that the products are implementing the same feature through different executions.

I used both. Loved both. I am not very fond of Typinator’s 2-yr upgrade cycle so I have kind of settled on TextExpander.

I am going to cover some tips on TextExpander soon at my blog listed below:

Thanks for all that info! I really like Typinator but… I’ve also heard that Leopard Snow ‘might’ have a macro function, and it’ll probably be released within a month or so. If Typinator didn’t require me to buy it all over again for my 2 computers every 2 years I’d probably get it. That’s a deal-breaker for me. I wouldn’t mind buying upgrades now and then, but the 2 year thing is like renting it, the payments just never stop. Thanks again! I’ll check out your blog.

Actually, you are not buying a two-year license of use, but two years of upgrades. If you do not pay again, you are free to use the old version you already own for as long as you like.


I switched from TextExpander to Typinator last year and have been very happy - less trouble adding new abbreviations altho Typinator could use a hot ket for that purpose. I can’t see writing without at least one of them!


I have one small complaint with Typinator. I have auto-capped it but it does not autocap the beginning of a paragraph as Type-It-4-Me does. Any suggestions?

I bought Text Expander 2 months ago. Works like a charm, never any problems.

I‘ve used Typinator, too. I had it set up to auto-capitalize the first letter of sentences but had no luck with doing the same at the beginning of a new paragraph. It looks impossible to do, unfortunately. I received the following from tech support.

Start of email quote:
“Unfortunately, this is not possible. When you click or hit the return key, Typinator needs to forget anything you typed so far. This has technical reasons and helps to avoid compatibility problems and incorrect expansions with many form-based applications. The effect of this special rule is that after the return key, Typinator cannot assume that you are starting a new sentence. It is as if you just clicked somewhere in the middle of a paragraph and started typing. Typinator would not know if you are starting a new paragraph or inserting a word in an existing paragraph”
End of email quote:

Typinator is a great program and I still use it but there are some alternatives. SpellCatcher does what you want, and a whole lot more. Give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Okay, thanks. I’ll give it a try.

I got the same response from tech support. I didn’t mention it to them, but it works with Type-It-4-Me.

Is this active forum?
I would like to share about Typinaotr’s tips.

You might want to start your own thread if you have some specific or general tips, rather than posting a response to this ancient topic that has a heading few people would go into if they were looking for tips.

Otherwise, go for it! This is a pretty active forum.