question about using auto type/smart type in "character"

When I start to type a character name I get an auto fill box with tons of suggestions. Unfortunately, most of them are not valid any more. 3 questions - 1) is there a place I can go to edit them? 2) is there an auto function that will go through my script and discard “character names” that are obsolete or redundant (like the rebuild function for Smart Type in Final Draft) 3) can I turn off the auto type suggestions?

Thank you. Kris


Character names and locations just get added to the project auto-complete list, which can be edited by choosing “Auto-Complete List” from the “Project” menu. There is no auto-prune system, no. Scrivener isn’t a dedicated scriptwriting program so it has no concept of character names or anything else - it just has a single project auto-complete list and scriptwriting elements can be set to add items automatically. To turn off this behaviour, go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings… and edit the “Auto-Complete” settings for each element.

Hope that helps.

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