question: can we embed hyperlinks?

I’m completely new to Scrivener, but it looks like the perfect tool for the project I’m working on (an historical novel). I’ve been using a combination of Word and Final Draft, and this seems like it’ll work much better.

Quick question that I can’t seem to resolve: is there any way to embed a live hyperlink in either the research or the draft sections? I know that we can import an entire web page, but sometimes it’d be a lot easier just to have a link.

Also, I happened to see a video tutorial for the Mac version and saw some very cool features, including a Comment feature, much as appears in Word. Any sense of whether we’ll get Comments with the official release of Scrivener for Windows?

Thanks. I’m looking forward to exploring all that this program can do.

I might be wrong on this, but you can’t insert a live link to the Web into the text area of a document, yet. The best way to do this right now is to use the References pane. Open the Inspector and click on the little stack of books icon (second to the left), and then just click the [b]+[/b] button and add an external link. You’ll need to double-click it after you add it to change the title and URL. I believe URL drag and drop is planned so you can just drop URLs and files from your browser/Explorer windows into it.

As for all the fancy new 2.0 features on the Mac: yes, but in the long term. The first goal is to get the Windows version up to Scrivener 1.x feature set, and then forging on from there to eventually reach feature parity. Offline comments are one of these long-term features. For now though, you can utilise the same inline annotation and footnote system that Mac users have been using for years.

I was working on grades/comments for students last night in a 2.0 project and often embedded links, in Draft folder texts.

You select the word, go to the Edit > Add Link… command, and in the dialogue that comes up, paste the URL and select the Web command. You may also link to a File or Email. I export these comments as RFT files and the link remains intact. So, yes, you can do it.

In TextEdit, you can do the same thing with a Cmd-K and paste of URL. If you want to use that combination in Scrivener, you must go to the system Keyboard preferences and set one up.

Ooops. Just noticed that you all were referring to the Windows beta. Well, it works on the Mac and will eventually on the Dark Side, I hope. :open_mouth:

And you get ghost notes mode, which the OS text system forced Scrivener 2.0 to do away with on the Mac. Ghost notes is fantastic–the annotation fades when it’s not in focus, and if they aren’t already there you’ll probably get options for delineators so you can have some beginning text remain full color while the rest fades, great for indicating the type of annotation (“word choice” or “delete” or “add” or whatever) or who made the comment, if you’re working with multiple reviewers, etc.