Question for DevonThink aficionados...

Is there a way to go quickly to certain files within databases? Like bookmark them or something? There are certain documents I add to or view regularly, but now that I have loads of junk and not-so-junk imported into about four basic databases, and everything is alphabetical, I end up scrolling all over hell’s half acre when I want to find a particular one. It would be nice just to be able to zoom in on my most-used files somehow.


I couldn’t find a way to add files to the favourites list in the sidebar, but this is a workaround - it’ll take a couple of minutes to set up, but once you’ve done that it should be very quick to use. It relies on setting a certain label for your ‘favourite’ files - then using a SMART GROUP to collate them all together so you can get to them through the sidebar.

In system preferences, go to Labels, then choose a colour and rename it to Favourite (the name doesn’t matter as long as you use the same one later of course).

Then go to the Tools menu and choose Search. Choose Favourite (or whatever name you gave it) from the ‘Label’ drop down box on the left hand side. DON’T put any text in the actual search box, and have all the other settings at their default. Then run the search (click on the magnifying glass). You shouldn’t get any results (unless of course you’ve already used the label elsewhere).

Now click on the + sign next to the magnifying glass and you’ll get a Save Search dialogue box. Enter a name for the search - I used ‘My Favourites’.

The search will now appear as a SMART GROUP in the sidebar. You can close main search dialogue now.

Finally, go to the files you want to have easy access to and label them as Favourite - they’ll now appear in the smart group. To remove them from the group simply remove the label (easiest way is through the context menu).

As far as I can tell, you can’t just use Data / New / Smart Group because that simply adds the new smart group to the current database - it won’t be in the sidebar and you won’t be able to search all your databases at once (I always have three open). If you want to have access to every favourite in any of your databases, you have to use the process above. Once it’s created though, you can edit it in the normal way (CTRL-CLICK Edit)

Hope this helps


Sorry - should point out, I’m using the DevonTHINK Pro 2 beta 7, in case that makes a difference… I think it works in the other versions, but I don’t have access to them, so I don’t know…

Just curious: why don’t you pose your question over at the Devon forum? Is there a reason?

Brookter’s suggestion will work. If you’re using the DTP 2.0 beta, you might also just look at the built-in “Today” and “This Week” groups. Not a perfect solution, but requires no set-up.


David, that sounds brilliant. Thanks. And Roche, I did post over there, as you suggested. Came here first because of the deeply grooved neuron channels in my brain–they are sometimes hard to scramble out of. :blush:

I here I was hoping that “folks here are like family and you always go to family first” was going to be your answer.

Wait. I’m the guy who sends my mom a bill when she needs system work. So really what I was hoping was for an opportunity to send you a bill. Hmm… While that seems “right” it is clearly “wrong”. I think I need more coffee.

That WAS my answer, Jaysen, I just worded it differently. :wink:

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