Question from a Mac user about combatability/sharing projects

I have been using and loving Scrivener on Mac for a year, I write 90% of the time on my Airbook, 10% of the time I write in Google Docs when on my desktop, as I am now, but I would like to write directly in Scrivener on PC (I do not own it for Windows yet) and have it update or at least be compatible with my Mac project.

Is this impossible or is there a workaround that others use to do this? Is a Cloud of sorts in the works down the line?


The older Mac version, 2.9, saves in the same format as the current official Win version, 1.9.
The new Mac version, 3.0, saves in the same format as the beta version of the new Win version.
However, the new Mac version can also export in the older format.
Dropbox works just fine with live projects.

Oh wow thank you!

I use both Scrivener 3 for Mac and the current beta for Windows and can share the same project between the two systems. No problems at all.

I have been working collaboratively on translation using Scrivener 2.x for Mac and 1.x for Windows for many years now. For my own purposes I’ve been using Mac v. 3 since it came out, and now that v. 3 for Windows is progressing, she has just started using that and we have our first v. 3 joint project.

You might like to look at what I wrote in:

Bear in mind, that Cubby is now defunct and we use Sync ( instead; we haven’t yet had any problems using it for live Scrivener projects even though the people at Sync counsel against using it for such purposes.



Ok I maybe jumped the gun or I’m doing something wrong. I took a saved project file and transferred it to my Win 7 desktop via Google Drive, I selected the project from the Scrivener file menu and opened it, it opens but there is zero content.
The image attached is of what I see when I go to open the file, it opens, no error messages, but then it is blank. The project name shows correctly at the top, but nothing else changes. The project is 18 chapters and 90k words and tons of research content btw.

I am using the trial version of Windows and the Mac version is 3.0 (75) surely I can open and existing project with the trial?

Two things: Google drive doesn’t always update synced files in the same order as they were updated on the original computer, or in a timely manner. It’s not a great solution for Scrivener projects that you’re actively working on*, which are composed of many files and folders. Try either Dropbox, or Sync, as recomended above.

Second, on windows, once you select the folder that ends in .scriv (as you appear to have in your screenshot), you must do one more thing: Select the .scrivx file (in your screenshot, the extension is hidden) named "American Horse (PC). It’s the one with the “XML” icon.

Note that the XML file is not the whole project; it’s just the core of it, containing a kind of index of all the content of your project. If you’re familiar with how web pages are constructed, the .scrivx (XML) file is like the index.html file that references all the other files (graphics files, and text content) that make up the whole web page.

*[size=85]Google drive can work fine for your backups (on the Mac, see Scrivener->Preferences->Backups), so long as you choose the option to .zip compress them when you set the destination folder to GD. [/size]

Hi, yes I am selecting the .xml file, and I’m uploading the project and downloading as a zipped file and then I export to desktop before opening, I do have dropbox, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying about Drive, you’re saying it uploads the project and changes the order and structure of the Scrivener project?

Btw just updated Scrivener to 3.03 (3032) and will try again

I looked at the contents of a zipped Google project and a zipped Dropbox project and yeah the Google one has less content, what the hell are they thinking?

Anyway I messed up by updating my Mac Scrivener just now as the trial version won’t open the newly saved project of 3.03.

Can I roll back?

Thanks for the help btw