Question: layouts and section types

Is there a way to associate section layouts permanently to section types? (Till I do want to change it, that is.)

It’s a bit annoying to assoiate layouts and sections for each project anwe … especially, as I never remember, what I did before and have to go and look up, how I put it together before.

You can do it in one starter project that doesn’t contain any actual writing, and then save that as a project template. Then when you go to create a new project, start from that template.

That would be good.
Only, recently the templates that I created from projects don’t want to work. That is, they don’t open. Do they have to be wihtout any text? Because, in 1.9.x I had teext in my own templates -back content that come with every book. Now this is not possible anymore? Now they have to be blank? Wihtout text, without collections?

Could you provide a sample template that does not open correctly? Ideally what would be best is to see a copy of the template that works, along with provided instructions on how to make it not work, like adding a collection.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce that problem over here. I create a new empty Blank project, save it as a template just like that, and it works. I add the starter document to a collection, and it continues functioning (and even loads into the collection rather than the binder, since that is how I saved it). I add the word “test” to the starter document, and again it continues to function.

If you run that same basic test yourself, does it work? If so, what additional ingredients are you working with that might be of impact?

No, the bit about not having any text was just for anyone who isn’t clear that a template created from File->Save As Template will contain any writing in the project you started from. Most people don’t want to start a new project and see the writing on another subject pre-populated in it.

The beta may have bugs that prevent older templates from opening properly, or it may be some other issue. But in general, you should be able to use project templates to have various thing set up in advance, like your layouts and sections assignements.