Question (not tech issue) re: Endnote

Wasn’t sure where to post this – it’s not really a technical issue, but it’s not a wish list item either. Anyhoo…

I’m writing a (history) dissertation using Scrivener, which I’m just getting to know. I’m thinking I’ll make parenthetical references to record numbers in my Endnote X4 databases, and then do the footnoting after I compile the document into Word 11. Unless there’s a better way in Scrivener that I’m not yet aware of…??

Thx. --Dan

Dan, if you search under EndNote, you’ll learn lots more, but here’s a quick answer.

  1. Under Preferences: General, select EndNote X4 as your Bibliography/Citations Manager.
  2. As you draft, create foot or end notes in Scrivener.
  3. Copy a citation in EndNote with Edit: Copy Formatted
  4. Paste the citation in Scrivener to get this: {White, 1995 #1384}
  5. Compile and export to your word processor (Word, Pages, NWP, etc.)
  6. Run its EndNote command to format the footnotes and/or bibliography.

Thanks, druid. Didn’t see that when I searched. But it works great! Much appreciated. --Dan

Actually, you don’t want Copy Formatted for this. Just normal Copy is what you want. That will grab a “temporary citation” as in the above.


P.S. Also, for what it is worth, Endnote can also process RTF files directly. I have sometimes found this useful for things I wrote in Scrivener – though at the moment I can’t think what!

Greg, my apologies. I got it just backwards! Usually I create bibliographies by sorting the EndNote entries by author last name, and then do the Copy Formatted and Paste. Guess that got stuck in my brain.