Question on: changing the spell checker language


I started using the trial version of Scrivener a few days ago, and I really like how this software works. However, I’m having a problem with the spell checker : I write in french, and the dictionnary used by the software is in english, even if the software in itself is in french. So, everything I write appears wrong, and it’s distracting !

I went to “Options” (no idea how it’s called in the english version) and to the “Corrections” tab. There, I uploaded the french dictionnary…
A message appeared, telling me that the uploaded dictionnary would only appear after I restart the Scrivener. So I did…
And yes, the french dictionnary appears as an option. I chose it, clicked “OK”… And the software automatically shutted down.

I restarted it, this time choosing “Apply” instead of “Ok”. The same thing happened : Scrivener closes, and when I turn it on again, the spell checker is still set on the english dictionnary !

What do I do ? Is this a trial-version problem ? I can’t work this out.