Question on Collections

I have just tried playing around with Collections for the first time. Based on reading about this feature on the web site, I assumed that Collections could be built from searches. This is, of course, true. However, it does not seem that they are dynamically updated which makes it seem less than useful.

Example, running a search of your character, Dr. Acula reveals 10 documents. You save this search as a Collection. Fine. Now, create an 11th document and type Dr. Acula’s name into it. Then, go to your Collection. You will only see 10 documents.

I just did this on my machine.

I was looking to use this feature in this fashion to prevent having to organize and vigilantly maintain keywords in every note within my project which would quickly fall apart and never be fully trustworthy.

Am I missing something?

How did you create the collection? There are two types of collections - arbitrary collections, to which you add items manually and which can be reordered, and search collections, which are the same as search results, and are what you are after. To create one, you use “Save Search…” at the bottom of the search menu (click on the triangle next to the magnifying glass in the search field).

Hi, KB and thank you for your response. I did do it via the searchbox in the upper right and selected to save it as a collection. As I said, all that worked well with exception of the collection updating when I create new relevant documents.

What are the search settings in the search menu? You can set it to search everything or only by title and suchlike, for instance. Because search collections should definitely update - they update lazily, mind, so they won’t update while you are looking at them, only when you return to them from the binder.

All the best,