Question on exiting Scrivener to check a document...

If I’m writing on Scrivener, then I want to go to my email and copy and paste something. Do I have to save the project every time, or can I just exit without fear of loosing data.

You’re in the iOS forum, but your personal data says you use MAC. Which platform does your question refer to?


And either way, there is no need to manually save whenever you Cmd-Tab to another program. On both platforms Scrivener will have likely already saved for you by the time are in another program.

I have both. This question pertains to the iOS.

Well, on my Mac, I don’t have to “close” the program when looking something up, I can just minimize it.
But on my iPad I have to close the app by pressing the home button to switch between. Do I have to exit out of the project before I do this. I’m concerned about loosing data .

No, I think this is where your understanding is incorrect.

Pressing the home button does not close the app. It is the iOS equivalent to minimizing it on your Mac. The app is still active, and you can press home again to switch back to it.

You close the app when you swipe it up and out.

No. I do this all the time. When you press the Home button, the state of the app is saved in memory. When you switch back, it should still be exactly as you left it. Note, however, that this only saves the project locally: it does NOT sync it with Dropbox.


Yup, all of the above is accurate, and in all cases the work is saved when you switch out. The only time you really need to exit a project is if you choose to copy the project off of the device with something like iTunes. You can even sync without closing it.