Question on Page Numbering

I’m using version 1.5.7 and I’ve got 2 questions on page numbers:

  1. I have several pages at the beginning of my manuscript where I do not want page numbers (Title Page, Dedication, Preface, Acknowledgments). I want the numbering to start at Chapter 1, but it only seems that I can select to start page numbers ‘not on page 1’. Is there any way to achieve what I want?

  2. I would like even paged numbers to print top left and odd pages numbers to print top right, as you’ll see in many books. Is this possible? I can’t seem to work it out…

Thanks in advance

I found a good solution to point 1 here: … eatespace/

Essentially the idea is to compile the front matter into one PDF without numbers and the chapter contents (where I want to start the numbering) into another. Then these PDFs can be joined together with

Still not sure about point 2 though…

This isn’t currently possible directly via the compiler, so I think the easiest method for you will be to compile to RTF or DOC and then open in Word or OpenOffice to apply the page headings as you want them using their more elaborate tools for this. From there you can print or save to PDF. (If there’s not a built-in option for this, you can install a free program like CutePDF to print to PDF; I use that frequently to save to PDFs from any program.)