Question on page saving...

I know Scrivener auto saves every few seconds if one is not typing. As such there is no need to maunually file and save like on word. But that also poses a risk of accidentally deleting or editing because the project doesn’t allow the option not to save changes.
Any way to make the pages “lock”, or some tips on preventing this.

Also is there anyway to track changes to a document, in case of Dropbox not syncing for some reason, or a file being corrupted, so you know you have to restore a backup before one accidentally backups the bad version? Besides the option of daily “checking” through every one of the pages of course.

Snapshots and Backups are the preferred mechanism. There is (intentionally) no way to prevent Scrivener from saving changes.

This is why Scrivener keeps multiple automatic backups, and why we advise keeping your own backup copies in addition.


Do snapshots show a part of the document or the whole…would this be the cork board?

Yes, I wanted to know how I can be notified, as such to restore a backup should that occur.

A snapshot can capture one or more documents within a project. Check the manual for more information; there are some differences between Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3.

I’m not sure how you envision Scrivener being able to detect that a potential problem has occurred. Dropbox (or a similar service) changes the file “behind Scrivener’s back,” when the program isn’t running. All of the information about the project state is contained in the project itself: there’s no outside mechanism to compare it to and say “hey, wait, this has changed.”