Question on the Inspector: wanting to show the Synopsis and Metadata at the same time

I’ve bitten the bullet and moved my active manuscript across to the Beta, Having done that I’ve discovered that I can’t seem to view the Synopsis (which is on the Notes tab) and the metadata on the same view in the Inspector, something I can do in production. I also don’t like the Status sitting right down the bottom of the page, as I want everything I’m working with in the top half of the screen. Am I right that I can’t change any of these?

I had developed what I thought might be an acceptable workaround which was to create a ‘Summary’ metadata field and copy each chapter’s synopsis across to do this, I also created a ‘Version’ field to hold the ‘Status’, but then discovered that I couldn’t get these fields to show up on the Corkboard.

Any ideas?

No, you can’t rearrange the elements of the inspector, and it’s certainly how it all ended up in the final version on the Mac, so that’s probably the way it’s always going to be, unless Keith decides he wants to change it up.

I use the outliner for viewing a variety of metadata, while the inspector has turned into an invaluable reference area when used for bookmarks, as I can either reference project notes there, or that document’s specific bookmarks. Maybe that will be a more useful view for you try out.

Thanks Robert. Yeah I did have a look at the Mac forum first so I’m not surprised… I’ll have a look bookmarks as you suggest.

If I can’t make bookmarks work for me I’ll put the request up on the wishlist. Unfortunately being able to make the Inspector fully configurable is probably not going to be a simple programming change but it would certainly make me happy. :smiley:


Just had another look. It looks like I can do something with the Outliner, which is fully configurable.

The Outliner did work. For those interested,

Set Windows/Layout to dual navigation. Then open the Outliner (top right hand arrow) and set the columns you want displayed, and the order you want them displayed in. Turn off the Synopsis (if you hover the mouse over the title the synopsis pops up so you don’t need synopsis included).

Save the Layout.

In my case I have the Title, Label, Status, Location, and Date displayed on the screen, with a couple of other columns displayed off the screen.