Question re: image compression

Not a huge issue (or an issue at all really), just looking for a bit of clarification.

So, in the Export Options of the preferences panel is the option “JPEG Images compression” which has a handy little slider bar next to it labelled “min” and “max”.

Just wondering if min is “minimum compression, maximum quality” with max then being “maximum compression, minimum quality” or visa versa? From the phrasing, I think it’s the first, but since that’s rather opposite to what I’m accustomed to (when saving to jpeg in Photoshop, for example, Max is “max quality, min compression”) and I couldn’t find it in the preferences section of the manual, so I thought I’d check (especially given how badly jpegs can deteriorate).

Also entirely possible it’s one of the Mac/Win differences I’m still stumbling over.

Of course, I probably should just open all my jpgs in Photoshop and convert them to .pngs or another lossless format anyway, but I like keeping things in .jpg format until I’m absolutely sure I won’t need to take them back into Camera Raw or Lightroom.