question regarding conversion of final draft 8 to scrivener

I’ve just purchased Final Draft 8. I’m converting a completed screenplay to scrivener. Is there a way (and if there isn’t there should be) to be able to also convert the notes on this new and valuable function in Final Draft 8 called “scene properties” - there you have “Title”, and “summary”, which seem to reference perfectly scrivener’s “title bar” and synopsis in “Inspector”.

I’m losing all of this when I import. I assume I’ll lose it all when I export out of Scrivener into Final Draft 8.

This is a big problem, as this information is extremely important and should be able to travel between the two programs.

Am I right about this limitation? If there is a way to move this info back and forth I’d love to know.


Yes, you are right about this limitation in Scrivener 1.x. However, Scrivener 2.0, which will be out late this year/early next year, will retain all of this information - there is a new “Import and Split” feature which will break up the file into scenes with titles and summaries transferred to titles and synopses, and the Compile feature will include all of the titles and synopses in the Final Draft FDX file too.

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The normal process is just the reverse, to move from Scrivener to FD 8.
The advantage is precisely all those tools in FD 8 that don’t square up with Scrivener.

Check the many other threads on the forum discussing “Final Draft”
FD has four different export modes, and one of them may be more hospitable to Scrivener.
Also, see the Help files in both programs on export-import issues.

Keith - fantastic. This will be very helpful. At the moment, it is arduous even with final draft 8 working between your two programs. I was about to return final draft 8. But I’ll sit it out if you guys are going to make these changes. Thank you.

Druid -please read Keith’s response - it doesn’t matter how you export - it doesn’t work.

druid - “The advantage is precisely all those tools in FD 8 that don’t square up with Scrivener.” - I don’t understand what you mean. Sorry, you’ve lost me.

By “all those tools” I meant Scene Properties, Navigator, Format Assistant, and Script Compare, which are not available in Scrivener. Sorry if I was unclear.

And yes, I saw Keith’s note. I thought possibly that Scrivener would read FD’s .txt export, but you’d probably lose all the FD formatting, anyway. That was my main point. At present, trying to export to Scrivener is a backward step.