Question regarding Text Options, Page Setup

Under Text Options in Page Setup, I check “Print Page Numbers,” but along with page numbers I get the file name and the date time. Any way to turn off the file name and date and time? I only want the page number in the upper left hand corner of the text.

ps Scrivner is a great program for writers. I am deeply indebted.

If you use the Print options in Export Draft you can set the header to page number only (among other things). The Page Setup settings and File/Print are intended for quick printing for review purposes.


Thanks for answering this one, dafu. Yep, he’s exactly right. File > Print is just for draft prints, and works exactly the same as in TextEdit (which also prints off the title when you select to print page numbers). There are no options to customise this, as that is not really its purpose. Given that Scrivener is geared towards getting a draft exported or printed, more customisation is allowed in the Export Draft sheet (from which you can also print).


Yeah, I knew about “export draft” to format text. I was trying to save myself a step by doing everything in draft mode. I’m fussy when it comes to printing, and I find the file name and dates distracting. I like to write a draft of a scene, rework it on the computer, then print one page, penicil-edit it, rework it on the screen, print it again, pencil-edit, and so forth until it’s as good as I can make, then move on to the next page. It’s a slow process, I’m a slow writer. Scrivner is a great program for big projects, especially note taking.

Thanks again for the help.

ps Previously, I wrote “upper left hand corner.” I meant upper right hand corner.