Question regarding the Binder and alternate versions

I am currently writing a novel – a long novel – and am confronted often with the issue of alternate versions of the plot. In a couple places I have yet to decide on quite different ways to take the story. I think I have a good grasp of the Snapshots function. But what about those longer sections, involving multiple chapters, scenes, etc? Am I understanding correctly that this is where the Binder comes in? In other words, under separate Binder headings you can have alternating versions of the plot?

Specifically, one way to address this is through Collections, which allow you to put files in a different order from the main Binder.

And yes, you can put whatever documents you like in the Binder, from alternative versions of specific scenes to entirely different subplots. It would be a good idea to use keywords or other metadata to help you keep track of which documents belong to which variant timelines.


Thank you, Katherine 8)