[Question(s)] Fiddling with Colors

Hi all,

I really like this new update so far, but there are some things I would like to do that I don’t know how to as of yet.

I have included three attachments that should help show my issues with this beta version of Scrivener. In the Word photo, you see the entire program is a dark grey background, which I find a lot less straining when working. In Scrivener, I have only managed to find a few options to change the background, which is disappointing. Is there anyway to change this?

I also would like to know how to change the binder font color. Where would I go? I have combed through the options but I can’t find it. I’m probably just blind, but someone could help me on this that would be great.

For the Scrivener Line photo, I have had problems trying to make the dots (for lack of a better word) go two lines for every press of the ‘Enter’ button. In Word, I press ‘Enter’ and I can get the dots to be double-spaced instead of single-spaced, but in Scrivener I usually press ‘D’ and ‘Enter’ a dozen times, and then delete the single-space dots before using the double-spaced dots. Is there anyway to make double-spacing permanent? I know there is an option to make sentences double-spaced, but I would like the option to keep my sentences single-spaced but the dots double-spaced.