Question: Selecting for Table of Contents

Now, where do I go to uncheck the files that shall not appear in the Table of Contents? Such as License Note or a list of publications … As I’m a wide author, I can’t put the book list at the end of the author bio, because they need to have the retailer-specific links …

In the old scrivern, I could just uncheck them in the list of files within the book. But now I can’t find it.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the automatically generated HTML table of contents in ebook formats? If you want to omit a document from the automatic ToC, you’ll want to create a Section Type to define the type of item and then create a Section Layout for it. Check the Hide entry in html table of contents option in the “Settings” tab for that Layout.

Or you could just create your own static ToC by selecting the items you want included and choosing Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as Structured Link List (for ebooks) or Copy Documents as ToC (for other formats)

O good, There is a way! Or even two.
Thank you so much.

Yes, I meant e-books. (As there is no hyphenation, I can’t produce print within Scrivener. German words are just too long to create a sensible print layout without hyphenation.)

For the first way, I have to study that section creating stuff …

The second way, I could do immediately. Only one question: After copying that ToC, where do I paste it?

You’ll just need to create a blank document and paste it there. Title the document “Table of Contents” or the like so you can identify it, and place it in the Front Matter folder.

When you do this, you’ll also want to go into your Compile settings under the Table of Contents tab in the right-hand pane, and uncheck “Generate HTML table of contents” so that you don’t end up with two ToCs (the automatic one and the custom.)