[QUESTION] Why is there a rich text editor in this tool?

Hi, I’m not sure I get the point of rich text editing in the editor if the output format will change depending on settings. I come from a coding background where you produce code and the settings for fonts are set at a global level and don’t change for any code while the setting is there.

Most writers do not come from a coding background. We do support MultiMarkdown for those writers who prefer it.

The final output format can change, but it’s not mandatory. Plenty of writers, myself included, handle most formatting directly in the editor while writing.


wow, MM looks cool, I’ve only used MD for github and I’ve been in web dev for 9+ years.

thanks, will defo checkout MM!!

There’s also value in being able to mark up the document with highlights, font colors, annotations, etc…, etc… that can be stripped out of the final output. Even if you’re writing in MMD.

how does it help you?

Well, being able to do a “review” pass instead of diving into changes immediately keeps me from making a bigger mess of an already messy first draft. Making notes, highlighting language that needs work, all before I actually start making changes helps me make better choices when I get into the thick of editing. If I just start changing stuff, I often discover how my ‘solution’ creates more problems and forces me to do more rewriting than I might have needed to.

Ioa uses MMD more than I do (for generating the manuals for Win & Mac versions of Scrivener and Scapple), and he makes extensive use of rich text for helping him while composing and distinguishing differences between the two platforms. You might be able to find his posts in the MMD section of the discussion boards.

Here are two threads which discuss MMD + Scrivener and mention rich text: