Question: Will Scrivener beta uninstall affect my scrivener 1.x installation?

I have a concern installing the new beta. I downloaded Beta 18 (to test if an existing bug is still valid as requested), and saw the instructions to uninstall beta 17. No problem, I see it as a separate entry in the uninstall menu. But when I went to install, it said I had previous versions of scrivener running. I then noticed I had a copy of 1.x open.

I have followed the convention of having 1.x in the original scrivener folder ( Program Files (x86)/Scrivener), and the new one in a subfolder (Program Files/Scrivener3).

Thing is, I’m actively using 1.x every day and can’t part with it or have it break, and the fact that the Scrivener Beta install wants me to uninstall reinstall (which I’ll do) but then wants me to close Scrivener 1.x (which I’ll do if it’s safe) has given me pause, and I thought I’d check here first. So: Is it secret, is it safe to run uninstaller.exe, will it leave my 1.x installation alone? If not, can I just delete the folder contents of the Scrivener3 folder and install there again?

Of course, I have backups of everything, but I’d like to spend my few free minutes beta testing, not reconfiguring my other workflow too!

If only the previous beta would download and install the new one! Alas. But I’m sure many have asked for this before, I’m sure it’s only because it’s too much effort for the benefit that it hasn’t been done, which I understand.

Thanks! Looking forward to testing the new beta.

I’m on Windows 7 and have uninstalled/installed numerous version of the beta without impact to v1.9.

I always uninstall the beta from Control Panel, have no idea if that makes a difference or not, but at least I’m clear on what I’m uninstalling.

After installing the beta, I do a reinstall of v1.9, by running the v1.9 install program (but without first uninstalling), so that it is made the default program again for .scriv files. I know there are other ways of handling this, but it works for me.

Hope that helps,

But it does. This is how I have been upgrading the last few betas. However, you should definitely not have Scrivener 1.x open while you’re doing this. Save your work there and close it before updating the beta.

I never install the next beta in the folder the last one was in. So, beta 18 goes into Program files/Scrivener b18. When it is uninstalled the next goes into Scrivener b19. The desktop icons also get renamed from Scrivener to Scrivener b18 etc.

It has never imagined I had a previous version.

I also always export my options : File / Options / Manage (lower left) / Save to file

Then import to get my colors, fonts, styles etc.

Great, thanks for the tips.

I think this only works if you upgrade before the previous Beta expires? When I open Beta 17, I just get a popup saying it’s expired, then it exits–no chance for an upgrade. Am I alone in this?

Ah, yes. You do have it catch it before the expiration date.

If you let the 17 deadline pass and really need to get the preferences saved, you can download 18 and install it over the top of 17. You can then save your preferences. I would then suggest doing a complete uninstall of all previous Scrivener betas (just to clear things up) and, once that has been done, reinstall beta 18. You can then load your preferences. Please note that you will lose your recent files list (it is a Windows thing that is stored in your Scrivener registry settings and goes away when you uninstall the program - same as any other Windows program). You will also lose any menu bar modifications you previously made (adding or removing any menu icons), so you may want to get a screenshot of those before you uninstall.