Questioning certain aspects

I haven’t purchased the product yet as I am just beginning to get used to the various things it can do in performance and how it can benefit a writer. I am finding there are certain areas quite beneficial yet there are others that raise an eyebrow in question. Since I have never used this type of application before I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and continuing forward to learn as I go making use of the PDF manual that came with.

I have a PC laptop which runs Vista (could update to Windows 7 but won’t) so it can handle the application very nicely. Something that I have been trying to figure out is how I can easily use images. For example, I am building character images so I have something to look at and easily build each character’s traits but I have not discovered how I can add something of that sort for a guide.

As I said I am still learning the use of this application so it will take me awhile to figure out all of the details but I must say I do like the name generator with the area characteristics it has. It helps me create my characters more in depth than they currently are.

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but in my Research section, I will create a separate document for each character. In that character, I simply paste a picture – from a web browser, from Explorer, from a graphics viewer – and it shows up inline without any special effort.

You can also drag an image file into the synopsis area, once you switch to the image mode instead of text. The synopsis image will appear on cork board views of the document. I also stack various images of the same actor/location with a character/location document in case I want a different view of the subject.