Questions about backup on FTP

Yes, I’m parano.
But accept it and backup -daily- on Flashcard, hard disk and FTP server.
With the ftp, saved project.scriv. On FTP side it appears as folder. Normal. Trying to recover it and downloaded it to my computer. Open it with Scrivener and… It’s not my full project who appears: only one chapter. Check the file, open the container and all the rtfd are there ! But in Scrivener just one chapter. Like all the internal organisation was lost !
Someone have an advice how to backup without lost the organisation ?
Thanks from Belgium ! :smiley:

Oh, forget to say. I’m using Transmit for ftp.

FTP servers have no idea what to do with the base format of a .scriv file (an OS X Package).

Your best bet is to use File/Backup Project To… and select the zip-compressed option; then put the resulting zip file on the ftp site.


I’ve done this successfully with rsync over SSH to a Linux system, but I couldn’t say what’s different in your case. I think the zip file is a good idea, though.

I’m doing this all the time with and samba to a linux server. Works with no problems at all.