Questions about exporting templates

The Scrivener instructions say that if I want to share a template with another writer, I go to Project Templates > Options > Export Template. But when I do that, I just get the options to save the template to someplace on my device. How do I get it off of my device and onto someone else’s computer?

Do I have to share it in a shared sync-n-share folder? Can I email it?

Also, I created this template on Mac, but the other person uses Windows. Will my template even work on a Windows computer?

There might be a better alternative way, but one way you can make it happen is by creating a new project off of your template.
Zip backup that new project.
Send that backup to the other person who in turn will unzip then load the project in Scrivener on his/her system, and finally save the project as a template.

It should work.
Most certainly if you handle it like I explained above. (Since you ain’t really sharing a template in itself, but rather a project. Which is fully compatible.)

Else :

Email ?
Like any other file. As long as the other person knows what to do to import it.
(Pretty sure that it is compatible cross-platform too.)


Templates are cross-platform compatible, just like project files. Once you’ve generated a template file, all you need to do is share it like any other file—send a Dropbox link, email it, etc. The other writer will then need to import the template into their installation of Scrivener and then they can create a new project from it.

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