Questions about GENERAL NON-FICTION format

  1. How can I change the font and font size of the headers in the main pages (e.g., Title, Foreword, Content).

  2. How can I change each paragraph’s first-line indent in the chapters?

  3. I’ve given each section a specific name. How can I get that name to appear in the compiled version?

Your questions are valid for any chosen template, not just general non-fiction. (I always choose Blank.)

1-2. See Scrivener: Preferences: General: Main Text Style. You set your font, size, indents, spacing, etc there. As that pane says, that’s your default style for all new chapters.

For old chapters needing fix-up, copy their text, open a new document, and choose Edit: Paste and Match Style. The new doc should pick up your default stye.

  1. The command File: Compile brings up a very complex dialog. It’s best to study that and also review the section in the manual that explains compiling. You can do exactly what you want by ticking or unticking boxes, but rather than give you the answer, I’d rather you do the learning. (I had to do a lot of trial and error guessing the first time around)

If you haven’t spent time with the video tutorials, they are really worth your time. Good luck!