Questions about ruler

Dear All,

I have a question :smiley: .

Is there a way to drag the tabs in the ruler for first line and the others together? I don´t know how to explain it properly. If I want the whole next paragraph beginning at, for example 0,5 cm, do I have to drag both tabs at the ruler seperatly? In Word you can do them both together, when you drag them by the underst part of the second-line tab. I hope you understand what I mean :slight_smile:.


Sorry the headline is a bit irritating. The question I had about underlining got solved before I posted and I forgot to change the headline.

Hi Sarah,

At the moment, I’m afraid you have to drag both parts, but that’s on the list for Lee to change–dragging the bottom rectangle should move both, as you expected.

(I changed the heading for you, in a fit of self-aggrandizing procrastination. :wink:)

Dear MM,

thanks for the answer and for changing the headline :smiley: . Good to know that this will be possible in future :smiley:.

Another question or maybe something I like to have turned just up. In the last beta there was the option “unlink” in the right-click-drop-down-menu, for Scrivener links I mean. And now you can do this only via “edit”. I would love to have it back in the right-click-drop-down-menu, because I sometimes do the links wrong and the previous way was much easier for correcting.


Ho hum. Yes. Added to the list. This should be there for regular links, too. Thanks.

Dear MM,

thanks :smiley:

Dear MM,

today I remembered that I wanted to ask, whether the will be the function to sort the lines in a table from A - Z? I would love that :smiley: .

Thanks again,