questions about where the latest work should be and backup issues

Hopefully someone can explain. When I installed Scrivener for some reason it would only allow write access in Corkboard and the Inspector. So I wrote my story in corkboard. Each index card was a scene. That was fine and I worked with that.

When opening Scrivener it never opens the current file. It opens an old file. So I started naming the file with the current date. The old file 56K in words is the latest file in thye Binder. I would have to go to Finder to locate the file with 98 K in words. Up until now, I was able to do that. Tonight my current file with the 98K words was under 1K for words. Scrivener’s auto save does not seem to be saving my current work as show by the missing 97K of words.

I checked documents folder via Finder and the largest file had only 56 K of words. I tried one more time and opened up a file that showed only the 56 K words. This time I opened that file in corkboard. The cork board show the amount of index cards that should be there. I then opened up the file by going to the left with Scrivenings.

The 98 K words showed up when I switched from corkboard to Scrivenings.

I am using split screen to compare the draft version in the binder to the scenes in the folders under the Draft folder. I have revised 4 times and the revision does not take place, though Scrivener says it is backing up the file.

Is my current file suppose to be in the draft folder? When I open Scrivener it asks what to open, last file, show list. When I select, the draft folder opens up in the editor window, but is usually missing 42K of words.

I have read the manual, done the tutorial, viewed videos. Where should I be looking for the current, latest work I have done? There is only one project to open. Due to Scrivener not opening the latest file I have tried to use the date to show the latest work. Tonight that failed by showing less than a thousnd words. Does working with the split screen create backups that are not the current document?

Thanks if someone can answer these questions. I do like having the folders for scenes, characters, places, notes. Having to search for the current work including having to open in corkboard and then opening in Scrivenings to get my latest work can be confusing and time consuming.