Questions before I buy

I am a history major and about to write my thesis and have been researching writing programs. Scrivener appeals the most to me, but I find a few areas lacking in the features. This could be because the description is focused on fiction writers, but I was wondering about the citing capabilities. As I write a document, is there an easy footnote or endnote citing system, and does it allow me to create a central bibliography to where I can hit ‘add footnote’ and then select the text I have put in. Also, will this program work for class notes, or should I get something more simplistic such as schoolhouse 2? Finally, I have two macs and a .mac account. Will I be able to sync scrivener so that I can work from either computer?

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The very next version of Scrivener, currently in public beta (check the beta forum if you want to audition it), allows easy integration with full featured citation programs such as Bookends, Sente, and Endnotes. Because this task is typically better left to capable third-party programs, Scrivener does not have a citation manager built-in.

Incidentally, you might be interested in this thread, which has a user discussion going on about how best to use Scrivener for writing history books.

Formalised syncing via .mac is not available. But it is fairly simple to throw the latest version of your file onto your .mac volume and move it between computers. Others have been using separate tools to synchronise between collaborators and their own machines. Everything from Chronosynch to full blown versioning software like Subversion (requires beta for best support).