Questions from a Prospective User

Does Scrivener prepare a bibliography?

Does Scrivener prepare endnotes in Chicago Style?

As with most writing programs and word processors, the task of organising and compiling a bibliography is left to specialised external programs such as Endnote, Bookends, Sente and Zotero. Scrivener is compliant with any bibliography manager that supports RTF scanning, or the ability to use a Word or OpenOffice plug-in to take placeholder citations and turn them into formatted cites.

Broadly speaking, the answer to your question is “yes”. The Compile settings for footnotes give you a good degree of flexibility, and for those cases where a specific type of formatting is not supported, we export to fully coded footnotes (as opposed to text that just looks like footnotes/endnotes) which means you can do final polish in a word processor after compiling.

Specifically, you wish to check the Non-Fiction project template category and see if the Chicago Essay starter works for you. There is nothing in a template that you can not otherwise do with the software, but when just starting out, it can help you see how all of the various components of the software fit together.