Questions: fullscreen and file colour

Hi there, sorry I couldn’t find any answers to those two.

I would love to set the paper color and the text color for Fullscreen mode but I just cant find the according options.
Edit >> Options >> Appearance
will only let me set the background color but neither the paper nor the text color.

I know I saw in a video that scrivener files in the binder are capable of taking on the color of their label (which I would want to use to get an overview over the used viewpoints). But somehow I cant find where I can set this behaviour either :unamused:

Thanks for your help


Yeah. This whole exercise starts getting a bit futile when the editor isn’t the miraculous “Scrivener editor” of lore. I’m still gonna be using Writemonkey, Sublime Text and maybe even Q10 until I can actually alter the Scrivener environment appearance.

And what ho … no typewriter scrolling either.

I’m finding what I guess are considered to be the apps primary functionality to be a bit to obtuse to penetrate at the speed I need to be working right now, and since the editor isn’t even up to par with Q10 (or even, gasp, Word 2010), I don’t have much justification for hanging out in the environment and hoping to absorb things over time while getting my work done old school.

Feeling a bit let down, but where the heck else am I supposed to go, eh?


Full screen mode option isn’t finished yet in this early beta. The text colour options will be coming in the next couple of months.

Sorry you’re feeling let down, but after all the hype (not by us!) I think there was no way this early beta could live up to expectations of absolutely everybody, and we certainly have never claimed that Scrivener will suit everybody. I hope you’ll give the Windows version another shot when it has matured a little though.

Oh, and it’s doubtful that a two-man team can provide an editor with the same features as Word with its teams of who-knows-how-many. :slight_smile:


Uhm … I never meant this to be some sort of ranting, I was just confused and thought that I was missing something :blush:

I’m just glad that there even IS a windows version. And if I have to wait for some features for a while, that’s just the way it is, and (after so much waiiiiiting - years even) it’s definitely worth it and not much of a burden :smiley:

I know how it is if you’re managing something, everybody just expects so much of you (so many things are taken for granted) but nobody sees the real effort that takes place behind the scenes.

So thanks for the kind response KB, I’m impressed that you even have (or take) the time to respond do everybody (even in twitter and who knows where else).


Hi tutupfel,

Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to imply I thought anyone was ranting! Kensai said he/she was feeling let down, so my comments about how we had a lot to live up to were in response to that, and I certainly hope Kensai didn’t take my reply in the wrong way either - I’m very tired so maybe my words aren’t coming out as I mean them.

Thanks for the kind words!
All the best,

Maybe it was may fault, english is not my native language so I might have misinterpreted and/or misused some (most?) of the words :blush:

Love, Peace and Harmony :smiley:

Chill out guys. No big deal. No harm, no foul. Probably a few more cliches if I didn’t think someone would kill me for them.

My problem (again MY problem, not YOUR problem) is that I’m really, really busy right now, and had mistakenly assumed that I’d be able to substitute Scriv for my usual editors while I trained myself on its other functionality in stolen moments. That just won’t be happening right away. No biggie.

And I certainly wasn’t suggesting you were or should be competing with Word. Just being ironic. Word 2010 is finally good enough that I won’t gouge my eyes out from using it, meaning I can get a black background and I can hide enough of the useless crap to where I don’t have to see it at all unless I intentionally go looking for it (and their outliner took 2 steps forward and only 1 back, for a nice little net gain in functionality and usability, but I haven’t had the time or opportunity to really stress it and see if it can handle a full novel start to finish, or checked to see if it might be able to do so using RTF or at least some open save format).

Anyway, I only piped up because I was frustrated at that moment, saw the applicable topic and had a slight hope that there was something I was missing.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming then. Sorry for the disruption.


Thanks Kensai. No worries. If you really like to customise certain parts and these are the exact ones that aren’t fully up and running yet then that’s fair enough. Try it again in January and you should see a massive difference. J.