Questions on centering, font changes, & images at print-

I’m trying to do Scene Changes within Chapters using “***” and the following paragraph without an indent.

I have this manually done in the editor, but compile changes this to Left align and indents. I would like to use the auto chapter numbers and add titles.

What is the best way to do this?

Using Windows version as of Oct 31, 2013.

Moderator Note: Moved from Mac tech support.

The best way to do this right now is to disable format override in the Formatting compile pane (at the top there is a checkbox). This is what is converting everything to left alignment. Alternatively, you could split your scenes into individual documents and use the Separators compile pane to insert the asterisks for you, and then leave format override on. Which to use will be up to your working preferences, and potentially how far into the project you are as converting all scenes to files may be a bit of a project. The Split commands in the Documents menu can certainly help out with that though.

By the way, title formatting and generation is independent of format override. Even if you have format override turned off, you can still generate titles with numbering and format them uniformly in the Formatting pane. This checkbox only impacts the actual text that you’ve typed into the editor.